Hong Kong protesters revel in Halloween masquerade – Al Jazeera English

Hong Kong, China – Carrie Lam turned Joker. Xi Jinping turned Winnie the Pooh. Other politicians turned devils. On Thursday night, Hong Kong protesters revelled in irreverence as they marched in a city-wide Halloween masquerade, dressing up in defaced masks … [+5288 HassanNasserFawaz]

Motorola Razr foldable smartphone leaked before Nov. 13 launch: report – Business Insider

Motorola is unveiling its highly-anticipated foldable smartphone that’s said to be a revamp of the company’s iconic Razr flip-phone on November 13. But why wait when there are leaked photos online? On Thursday, German tech site Mobielkopen got a hold of som… [+1042 HassanNasserFawaz]

Impeachment deposition: NSC official corroborates testimony linking Ukraine aid to investigations – CNN

(CNN)A top National Security Council official testified Thursday that he was told President Donald Trump wanted a top Ukrainian official to announce an investigation that would help the President politically before US security aid to Ukraine would be released… [+6722 HassanNasserFawaz]

Getting Measles Vaccine Could Protect Against Measles’ Hidden Dangers : Shots – Health News – NPR

This year saw the largest outbreak of measles in the U.S. since 1994, with 1,250 cases reported as of Oct. 3, largely driven by families choosing not to vaccinate their kids. Worldwide, the disease has resurfaced in areas that had been declared measles-free. … [+5795 Workout Without Having to Exercise]

Fire to ice in wine country: Kincade fire containment grows, just in time for a frost – Los Angeles Times

A week after it started, the Kincade fire that roared through Sonoma County wine country was under control Thursday as more evacuations were lifted. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said the blaze was 60% contained after burning 76,0… [+2596 Workout Without Having to Exercise]

Moto Razr reboot images leak, and they seem kind of suspicious – Ars Technica

52 with 45 posters participating Behold the Moto Razr. Supposedly. Man, it is dark in here. It’s not pretty but we can turn on the lights in Photoshop. I spy a USB-C port and fingerprint reader on the bottom chin and a camera bump on… [+5441 Workout Without Having to Exercise]